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Hazard Claim Portfolio Scrub

Improve your claims management efficiency with our Hazard Claim Portfolio Scrub service. We conduct a thorough analysis of properties categorized as vacant, damaged, in foreclosure, or under Real Estate Owned (REO) status. Our aim is to uncover missed claims and challenge unjust denials, bolstering your ability to realize claims effectively.

Our service offers multiple advantages. Firstly, we streamline claims processing by ensuring all eligible claims are filed and baseless denials are contested. Secondly, we validate your hazard claim procedures, identifying and addressing operational gaps to strengthen your overall management approach. Lastly, our proven track record demonstrates significant revenue recovery, recouping substantial amounts previously lost due to oversights by prior servicers or other hazard claim handlers.

For additional information and pricing, please contact Jack Rutledge at or by telephone at (858) 883-2074