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Mortgage Insurance (MI) Claims Support

At RCM, we are dedicated to clarifying the complexities of the mortgage insurance claims process. Our expertise is focused on delivering an efficient and streamlined experience, ensuring our clients navigate this arena with ease and confidence.

Our MII Services Include:

  • Filing Assistance: We provide expert guidance to effortlessly navigate the nuances of MI claims. Our support aims to streamline the filing process, ensuring precision and clarity at every step.
  • Adjustment Expertise: Our approach to claim adjustments is rooted in an understanding of the details and intricacies involved. We aim to optimize outcomes, balancing thoroughness with efficiency.
  • Appeals Support: Depend on our experienced team to construct well-founded appeals. We focus on building robust cases, combining detailed analysis with a strategic approach to enhance the likelihood of successful resolutions.

For additional information and pricing, please contact Jack Rutledge at or by telephone at (858) 883-2074.